18 July 2009

Desperately In Need of Packs of Enjoyments

I think I'm gonna do what my friend did last Monday. You know, it's simply just, uhm, walking around, come check out the town, with your casual outfit, like jeans and t-shirt, band t-shirt, and then like hanging out at some cozy... What we call it? Uhm, café? Yea, we can say it like that.

Okay. Hanging out at cozy café, drinking caffè latte, eating cookies. You know, it's very soothing... In a way, you can like liberate your imaginary mind, you know, you're fantasizing about... What? I don't know. Anything. Anything you like.

It's up to you, whether you wanna do it alone, by yourself, or you can invite your friends to join you. It is fine both ways. I mean I like it very much, hanging out with friends, I'll have a great time for sure, but I'd prefer to be alone in this time. And, yeah... You should try it sometimes!

07 June 2009

She Got Something To Say, Something Like This

I'm not trying to write love letter or something, because it suddenly makes me nauseous. Really, I hate it when I say it. Well, here it goes...

Every single thing that you do, your today cloth, your shoes... everything. I don't see with one eye closed. I could see you clearly. Your sweet smile... Oh, I laugh every time the feeling comes. I love to see you talk with others, or just ride your old bike. It's soothing, in a way. I don't know. I could care less about what people suggest for me. I kinda like it cause we're now at some hidden place where nobody can't tell about your negatives. It feels like I'm the only one. I love it though, really. I wish that today is long lasting. I like it right here. I love to see your face and its changing every second. You're funny little clown, totally silly. If people ask about who you are to me, I'd say the special unique one. Cause you know what? I always like being around you. You accompany me. I'm not lonely anymore cause I have you. Cheesy, maybe. I don't care, you know? I just wish the feelings will stay the same as it should. I know it's our story to tell. I like being here.

05 June 2009

"I'm going hunter", Björk said

It's January again and I don't feel quite well. New year, new start. That's what they always said to me.
My heart tells me not to take anything seriously. Just laugh, feel free, not to think about it.

I don't want to see your face again. I just don't. Cause everytime I try to forget about it, it gets along very well with my mind. That's how you want to live your life like. But not me. I don't do the yadda-yadda-bull!
Simply me and it's just me. Don't ever think I am not capable. I'm a tiny little army who thinks that all of it were just a to-do tasks on the wall. Do it, destroy it, and see what'd happen next.

Actually, I don't mind the result. I don't mind what would happen next. What would happen if I do this or that, bla bla bla, and so on. I will not regret on this, cause you're my hero. You're the one. And I tell you, it's getting better and better when you're around. It give me strenght and all to force the things inside my head.

Well, why don't you join me, Mister?

30 May 2009

Play Dead

Her head get dizzy. She takes some aspirin to get high.
My hands can't feel anything, she said. Then gazes at the ceiling.

There he sits. Smokes his cigs, crying. Cause nobody's around.
Wonders why is that, everything is so confusing.

I got you coffee. Just black, like you said.

The dope on that, she loves it. She needs caffeine in her everyday life.
Why do they make everything so complicated?

19 May 2009

Spontanious Thought: Naive, Selfish, Overrated

Why is that you always took pride in it? I don't think it's such a way, you know. Come on! Go look at yourself, quick. You shouldn't act that way. Maybe that's not you. I know you better than anyone else. You're like everything to me. Well, not that everything, but at least something. I thought you should listen to that. Don't get me wrong. I just hope for your own good.

18 May 2009

Lalala - Nouvelle Vague feat. Julie Delpy

Julie Delpy is very inspiring. I think her role as Celine in Before Sunrise and Before Sunset was herself. She was playing as herself in that movie. I see her personality as Julie Delpy in that character as Celine. Here is the lyric, Nouvelle Vague with Julie Delpy, 2 Days In Paris soundtrack, the other Julie Delpy' movie (I'd say she was playing as herself too in this movie!). I found it very interesting, I like it very much. I love her pronunciation. I admire her when she speaks in English.

I wanna dance like we used to
When it was pure when it was new
Love me whole like I love you
Wanna be free but free with you

I wanna dance like we used to
And not worry about you and me
We're gonna die of global warming
Or avian flu or quitting smoking

I want to stay for a while
Until it's time to let go
I'd like to really take my time
Explore all that comes to mind

I'd like to dance like we used to
Before the new world order rules
Don't wanna do what others do
Let's pretend there's no rules

I wanna dance like we used to
We're so lucky and so spoiled
You and I are such futile jobs
Let's stop acting like kings and queens

Then she starts to sing in French...

Je veux danser, comme on dansait
Quand tout était si doux et frais
Aime moi tout comme je t'aime toi
Je veux être libre mais libre avec toi

Je veux danser, comme on dansait
Sans s'inquieter de toi et moi
Nous sommes gâtés, nous sommes pourris
Nos occupations si futiles

You can download the song here

16 May 2009


"Because you were little snobby.", my friend said.
I don't know how to act naturally.

"I guess you should say hello back.", she said.
I swear, really, I don't know what to do. What should I do? I'm afraid of what I do, what I say. I want to do the right things. What if they don't know me?

"I doubt it. That's not going to happen. You used to chat, right?", again my friend said.
I know them, yes dear. But it was a long time ago. I guess they forget about me.

"You should say hi, I say. Really. Just to say hi.".
I guess, yeah I should. Just wait and see. Hey look, I still have their numbers!

"There you go! I'm sure they know you, they're still remember you.".
Yeah, well...