30 May 2009

Play Dead

Her head get dizzy. She takes some aspirin to get high.
My hands can't feel anything, she said. Then gazes at the ceiling.

There he sits. Smokes his cigs, crying. Cause nobody's around.
Wonders why is that, everything is so confusing.

I got you coffee. Just black, like you said.

The dope on that, she loves it. She needs caffeine in her everyday life.
Why do they make everything so complicated?

19 May 2009

Spontanious Thought: Naive, Selfish, Overrated

Why is that you always took pride in it? I don't think it's such a way, you know. Come on! Go look at yourself, quick. You shouldn't act that way. Maybe that's not you. I know you better than anyone else. You're like everything to me. Well, not that everything, but at least something. I thought you should listen to that. Don't get me wrong. I just hope for your own good.

18 May 2009

Lalala - Nouvelle Vague feat. Julie Delpy

Julie Delpy is very inspiring. I think her role as Celine in Before Sunrise and Before Sunset was herself. She was playing as herself in that movie. I see her personality as Julie Delpy in that character as Celine. Here is the lyric, Nouvelle Vague with Julie Delpy, 2 Days In Paris soundtrack, the other Julie Delpy' movie (I'd say she was playing as herself too in this movie!). I found it very interesting, I like it very much. I love her pronunciation. I admire her when she speaks in English.

I wanna dance like we used to
When it was pure when it was new
Love me whole like I love you
Wanna be free but free with you

I wanna dance like we used to
And not worry about you and me
We're gonna die of global warming
Or avian flu or quitting smoking

I want to stay for a while
Until it's time to let go
I'd like to really take my time
Explore all that comes to mind

I'd like to dance like we used to
Before the new world order rules
Don't wanna do what others do
Let's pretend there's no rules

I wanna dance like we used to
We're so lucky and so spoiled
You and I are such futile jobs
Let's stop acting like kings and queens

Then she starts to sing in French...

Je veux danser, comme on dansait
Quand tout était si doux et frais
Aime moi tout comme je t'aime toi
Je veux être libre mais libre avec toi

Je veux danser, comme on dansait
Sans s'inquieter de toi et moi
Nous sommes gâtés, nous sommes pourris
Nos occupations si futiles

You can download the song here

16 May 2009


"Because you were little snobby.", my friend said.
I don't know how to act naturally.

"I guess you should say hello back.", she said.
I swear, really, I don't know what to do. What should I do? I'm afraid of what I do, what I say. I want to do the right things. What if they don't know me?

"I doubt it. That's not going to happen. You used to chat, right?", again my friend said.
I know them, yes dear. But it was a long time ago. I guess they forget about me.

"You should say hi, I say. Really. Just to say hi.".
I guess, yeah I should. Just wait and see. Hey look, I still have their numbers!

"There you go! I'm sure they know you, they're still remember you.".
Yeah, well...

14 May 2009

Alone, Sometimes

I'm about to sit there, to talk to you some more
Blanket, the snacks
The crap we chat, sounds very interesting
How we all think with empty mind

Let's find a way to get out from here, my friend said
Well I kinda see some different things to that in anyway
Go find the luck within yourself, I don't want to bother

You seems nice
Figure I'd like to see everyday, right here everytime
You haven't change, that is good
Or just don't be, I like being here

13 May 2009

Comme ci, Comme ça

It was late, and I'm beyond. I can't escape. I'm walking through the maze. Not too far behind. Quite long, sometimes. But I never get the chance where people can dazzle. I feel like I'm a million miles away. Standing there, join you. I'm not good at it. Anything, anyone. Please, somebody... Anybody.

Oh this! Oh that! That's the clue! The thing doesn't even exist anymore. Found you find me. And others, I mean, you, to be exact. Nothing, I don't know. I would mind even if you're not supposed to do that.

It is not about me and you. That thing kinda haunts me, always. But not always, I shall say that loudly. Well, I guess. I bet. Slowing down things. The thing that kinda haunts me.

05 May 2009

That Is So Not Just A Promise

I was waiting for my lecturer, was about to discuss my works for the main subject.

"I just arrived at Bandung this morning."

I know I haven't done much for today. I've been busy doing nothing.

"I'm sorry, Ma'am. I'd do the best."

At least, please not today. Not today, not today, not even yesterday, oh and so not tomorrow.

01 May 2009

Obviously, My Dear...

"Well, I guess, this is the end of our friendship. I hate you already and you're not forgiven, man. You weren't done something right about this shit. You don't see me as your friend. Neither do I, from now on. I've done a lot for you and you give nothing but pain. Screw you, man! Screw you!"

"Please, Tre. You and Chag can't be enemy to each other. You're best pal since we were little. This is not about Chag and me, you see? It's all about I am to you. Why is that, Tre? I thought you would've understand what I meant earlier. Don't you remember, huh, Tre? I deserve to be happy. Not like this. God! You give me such a hard time. Why, Tre? Why? Why we ended up like this? Do you want all this? I can't find any good reason."

It's at 19:30. Period.

I wanted to get there soon
I miss my home
I miss the people

Yeah, today
The weather is not as friendly as my charming friend out there

I hate this
But I have to
Still, I don't like this

No I don't want to be there
I have to get so many things done
Wow the thing shocked me!

Oh I'm so going
Count me in!
I won't let y'll down