18 July 2009

Desperately In Need of Packs of Enjoyments

I think I'm gonna do what my friend did last Monday. You know, it's simply just, uhm, walking around, come check out the town, with your casual outfit, like jeans and t-shirt, band t-shirt, and then like hanging out at some cozy... What we call it? Uhm, café? Yea, we can say it like that.

Okay. Hanging out at cozy café, drinking caffè latte, eating cookies. You know, it's very soothing... In a way, you can like liberate your imaginary mind, you know, you're fantasizing about... What? I don't know. Anything. Anything you like.

It's up to you, whether you wanna do it alone, by yourself, or you can invite your friends to join you. It is fine both ways. I mean I like it very much, hanging out with friends, I'll have a great time for sure, but I'd prefer to be alone in this time. And, yeah... You should try it sometimes!

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